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Introducing a revolutionary technique to close Front Teeth Gaps

without braces - GapAligner.

Crafted by our Orthodontist, Dr. Srishti Bhatia, this appliance is invisible and removable, thus enabling you to achieve the smile of your dreams without and brackets any wires!

Read on to know more..

So what is this technique?


It's a system which eliminates front teeth gaps and gives you excellent results- WITHOUT braces!


The technique incorporates:

1. A clear transparent tray

2. A few tooth colored buttons

3. Transparent elastics

All that is required on your part for this technique is 2 visits to our center where we will fabricate the appliance for you.
You will be given some elastics to wear at home daily.
Once the gap is closed, a retainer will be fixed on the inside of your teeth. And you are done!
Yes, it's that simple!
You can see pictures of the appliance and the results on this page. These are authentic patient photos and the time taken for this case was 3 months.
You can watch all about this technique in this short video clip
Watch a compilation of GapAligner cases here
If you wish to contact us, you can do so on: 9811153321, 9711495014
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