Dental Tourism


  • Patient beyond boundaries can contact through email/ website/ query and any other mode of telecommunication.
  • We can help them to know their treatment plan and tentative cost and no. of days of stay with zero waiting. Just brief us your ailment, scan your doctor's prescription and we advice you the options available with treatment plans.
  • After finalized talk, we can plan your visit and confirm the date. Our Reorientation talk, we can plan your visit and confirm the date.
  • Our Reorientation will check out the programs for your dental treatment, stay in hotel and spare time for scenic beauty of Delhi.
  • India welcomes guest with open arms and loves to share her rich heritage with her guests and believes in the philosophy.
  • We offer a combination pack that enables the visiting patients to correct their teeth as well as the attractions of the country, rich in culture and heritage. Only the best of international equipments and materials are used by our expert faculty.
  • We provide convenient appointments at short notice for our overseas international patients.
  • Indian doctors and hospitals are globally know for their hospitality and personal care towards patients.
  • We at Bhatia Dentopulse have a long legacy of caring for our patients. Visiting a doctor wasn't this comfortable ever before! Good Infrastructure with state of art facilities, backed by expertise of specialized doctors, is the backbone of our treatment plan here.
  • Our clinic is centrally located in capital of India, New Delhi, situated just 6 miles from Indira Gandhi International Airport of India. The location is well connected by road, rail and air.
Following Procedures we can offer you at very affordable prices

Dental Implant in Bhatia Dentopulse for International patients is at a very reasonable rate which is easily affordable foe everyone.

Dental Implants


Our main aim is to add sparkle on your teeth with dental jewelry like diamonds, tattoos that makes you special from the masses.

Smile Designing


Crowns and Bridges at Bhatia Dentopulse are available in a good quality and in procelain, fused metal, procera, zirconia, emax, etc.

Crowns and Bridges

For Metal
For Procelain Metal Bridge(per 3 unit)
For Procelain Metal Crown(per Crown)

Root Canal Treatment at Bhtaia Dentopulse is provided by the means of full four to five sittings in which full care is provided to patients with end to end support and the cost is just half of the cost taken at global level.

Root Canal Treatment


Large holes look good just on swiss cheese, not on your teeth! These need to be filled in by tooth colored restorations.

Restorations / Fillings